Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Blizzard has moved on


Its not snowing this morning but it is only 7 degrees out, the sun is out but the wind is still blowing some.  It will be a cold day clearing out the driveway.  We have places to be this evening and I need to clean out my desk at court.  I best get bundled up and start the clean up.

It took a couple hours of hard steady work but I got the driveway and pavers cleared off.  While it was only 15 out the sun melted off a lot of the snow.  Hopefully tomorrow with the warmer temperatures the rest will melt off.  There was 6-8 inches of snow in under the deck and almost a 3 foot drift in front of the garage doors.  The snow was the kind that is hard to blow and I had to stop and clear a plug in the chute.  I was good entertainment for the driver of an 18 wheeler that was broken down just to the east of my driveway.  I will clear the deck tomorrow before too much of the snow melts.  It was nice to come in and Bonnie had some hot soup and a sandwich ready for lunch.

I watched some recorded programs with her and then she left for a meeting and I got a shower and headed to church for Worship Team practice.    I was surprised how good of shape the roads were in.  The sun really dried them off today.  Then came home and went to bed as I have an early morning tomorrow.


Up before the sun this morning, I am headed to the Mission to volunteer for the day.  Bonnie has a Dr. appointment so will not be going.  Hey is 25 degrees out and windy.  It is to stay windy and climb up into the 40s, that will melt a lot of snow.  Here's hoping there is not a lot of flooding.

The snow is still piled high 4 and 5 foot piles

At last a clear dry driveway
The day went quickly and after a quick stop at Walmart for Elizabeth we headed home.  I did pick up the new Road Atlas large print edition also.  This will help with our planning.  My plan was to get to bed early tonight but it is now almost midnight.  The wind is blowing hard and it is raining hard.  At least it is still 40 degrees out.  Well off to bed now I really am tired.  I worked on statistics on volunteer hours all day.


Snowing when I got up this morning and I am hoping it melts off soon.  I headed up to court to clean out my desk and finally got home a little after noon.  Now a little time to rest up before we head to a family dinner and then off to see a play at Holland High School.

We had a nice time visiting with family and had a very delicious dinner before we headed to see Bye Bye Birdie at the high school.

MIL, FIL, 2 SILs  always a good time when we are together

Selfie with my niece

Hey Bonnie and I got photo bombed
Turns out the girl that bombed us had been in at least two other plays that we have been too and went to Houghton College where I attended for a year.  The play was good and we enjoyed it.  Its a tradition and we have done it for quite a few years.

Good to be home and I am off to bed to try to get 6 hours of sleep in before I have to get up.


The alarm went off promptly at 6am.  I rolled out of bed and worked hard at waking up.  Coffee and breakfast helped.  Yep its snowing again, looks like about an inch so far.  Bonnie got up and soon we headed for church.  The Worship Team ran through their songs again and we were ready to go.  The service went well and the sermon was a good one.  We gave Alexus a ride home and as we walked into the house we got a FaceTime call from our GD Reagan out in Alabama.  However they were in Biloxi, MS for a dance competiion for Gracie her sister.  Also the snow has stopped.  The sun is out bright and the snow is melting where it hits even though its only 16 out.

The race is delayed in Bristol due to ran so we watched some recorded programs and Bonnie fixed stuffed pork chops for lunch.  Now for the race and some cat naps.  More rain at Bristol, so I watched some more TV.

Not much else happened today so I am going to go ahead and post this.

Thanks For Checking In!

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