Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another cold week and its almost Spring


Another cold morning but so far no new snow.  I had planned to work on the taxes today but that never happened.  We had a few phone calls and at one time we were both on the phone at the same time.  I did make the call to Verizon to cancel our phone service and they did offer me $20.04 off a month.  I said no thanks I talked at length to them last week and they never offered me that.  So in less than an hour our dial tone was gone.  So far so good, we just remember to tell folks to call our cell phones, guess I should call the Drs to let them know.

I did go out and clear the driveway and grabbed the mail, but I left it out in the garage.  I did work on the back mudflap on the Odyssey again as the screws had pulled out again when they loaded up with ice.

We are changing our day at the mission to Friday so we did that also.  Bonnie made salmon for supper after the grill would not heat up enough, it is 5 degrees out.  So I am off to a Men's small group study at church tonight hope to be home not too late.  Well I was a minute or two late getting there, I have trouble with timeliness since I retired.  Boy is it cold out right now its -3.  Time to go get under the covers.


Sunny morning and then a light snow started and has remained light all day.  Bonnie left to go with her sister to the Dr and I had to run up to court for an hour to finish my monthly report.

Once home I decided to finish up and e-file the taxes.  All went well until I transmitted both returns.  I got an error.  So I tried to to file one at a time and they uploaded just fine.  Shortly afterward I got a txt that my federal return had already been excepted.

Then it was TV time.  After supper we headed for our small group meeting.  This is the last night with this group.  We have had a good time together and good discussions.

Drank some coffee at the meeting tonight and it is now midnight and I think I am ready to lay down and sleep.  Both my tax returns have been accepted and I already have estimated dates for checks.


I was the last to bed this morning and the first one up.  Supposed to be sunny today but alas it is snowing, just a light snow.  We have warmed up to 16 degrees and may get above freezing later this week.  Don Paul our famous Channel 4 Weatherman says we have seen the last sub-zero temps for this winter, I hope so.  We have changed our day of volunteering at the mission to Friday again this week and I think we will probably keep it that way.  So today is our only day this week with no commitments.  Well I had one I was on standby to take some friends to the airport for their trip to Hawaii in case it was snowing hard or storming, but no call this morning so I guess all is well.  I am still trying to remember who all I need to call or email about our different phone numbers so I will work on that some today.  My tax returns have been accepted but the State has posted that mine needs further review and it could take 90 days.  I think they just want to use my money longer before they return it.

So far a nice easy day.  We vacuum packed some roasted chicken that Bonnie picked up at SAMS and caught up on recorded TV, I also took a few naps.  We got about an inch of snow so far.  I only went out to get the mail and boy did it feel cold it still cuts right through to the bone.  I sure am ready for some warmer weather only 14 days till Spring according to the calendar.

Well I was just chatting with my sister online and she reminded me that I need to post the blog so as the thermometer keeps dropping I will make my post.

Thanks For Checking In!

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