Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall is in the air


What a beautiful sunny cool day it has been this morning.  I went out to put the new registration sticker on the Odyssey and just as I finished that up Bonnie came out to leave for a luncheon at her parents church.  I had to stay here as the truck is supposed to come and pick up the old HydroHot unit today. Then I got out the step ladder and and windshield cleaner and cleaned the windshield and front of the coach.

Cleaning in progress
While I was cleaning I plugged in the tire pressure monitor and it showed that the one tire was still losing air.  So I have to do something about that.  Finally after many years of meaning to tighten up the ladder ( which we have had 40+ years), I got some screws, the drill and screw gun and fixed it.

Much more stable now.
Next I transferred my extra boiler fluid for the Aqua Hot into properly labeled bottles.  Last morning project was to cut up boxes so that they will fit into the recycle bin.


Then I headed into the house for lunch.  Standing on the concrete really hurts my knees, guess I will have to do something about that someday.  Bonnie got home about the time I finished lunch and started peeling apples, that our nephew picked off their tree.  So we will be making apple sauce.

Well finally I got a call and the truck driver coming to pick up the HydroHot is on his way and should be here in 30 minutes.  He was on time and we had a nice chat about RVing he owns a 5th wheel and bought it the same place we did Colton RV .

On its way to the factory
After a quick nap I went back out to put air in the coach tire and changed the gasket in the tire monitor.  Bonnie went to get her haircut and I got ready to leave for open house at Orsby Votech.  We enjoyed that and seeing Alexus participate in FFA and Small Animals.

One of their pet rats
We enjoyed talking and meeting the people that were there.  I had a nice talk with a Navy ET who is on recruiting duty and also some folks that have volunteered at the mission and some that were interested in the mission.

Got a nice photo of my GD she is on her first campout with my Son.

First Campout
Thats about it for today.


Sunny again this morning and Bonnie headed over to her parents house again.  I had a few things I wanted to get done.  I made an appointment to get the coach inspected on Monday and then headed out to grease the tractor.  I thought that would take about 10 minutes.  Two hours later I got finished.

Problems with the loader
First two of the grease fittings would not take any grease.  I removed them cleaned out the old hard grease and then they worked and took grease.  As I was doing that I noticed two missing pins.

There should be a pin in that whole.
So I replaced the missing pins with 1/4" bolts.  I will keep an eye on them to see if these shear off like the pins did.  I tested it out and pushed the collected leaves further over the bank.  Then I jumped on the mower and picked up a couple loads of leaves.

Last load for today.
 There are still a lot of leaves on the trees so I am no where near done and already have a good pile.

Some of the leaves in the pile.
Before I had started to pick up the leaves I started map updates on both our Garmin GPSs and they were done when I came back in.  I caught up on email and even got a little nap.  Bonnie called and said she was on her way home and asked me to grill some chicken pieces.  They were just about done when she got home.  We have a freeze warning for tomorrow night, so Fall is definitely in the air.


It was sunny when I got up this morning but crisp.  But the NWS has issued a freeze warning for tonight so that gave me the push I needed to go ahead and winterize the coach.  Bonnie spent most of her day peeling apples from her sisters tree.

I headed out to do all I could by myself.  I blew out the lines and drained the water tank.  Then I pumped RV antifreeze into the lines which is important for the Aqua Hot to make sure there is no trapped water.  Bonnie came out and helped with that keeping the suction tube in a full bottle of antifreeze.
All the water is drained out

I even remembered to take a picture of the way the refrigerator and ice make plug in, since the ice maker works driving down the road.

Ice Maker on the bottom
Then I took the extension off the tire that loses air to see if thats the problem.  However the TPMS sensor does not work on it so I have to figure that out.  I think the valve stem is too low to be activated.  I may try to file it down if the tire stops losing air.

After the coach was done I headed in to the house to run the pressure canning as Bonnie does not like to mess with it.

We did 13 pints of apple sauce and then cleaned up and watched a little TV.

Canning in progress
Earlier while we were working on the coach the post office brought me a box from Gazelle to turn in my iPad, they made me an offer I could not refuse. sell your old gadgets
So we have had a productive day and now we get to relax.


Sunny when I got up but the grass and roofs were covered with frost.  First frost I have seen this year.  Looks like it got down in the low 30s here at the house.  Then we got ready and headed to church with a quick stop to pick up Alexus as her mom was not feeling well.  Church was good as always and Bonnie made spaghetti squash with a tomato sauce for lunch.

Today is the first Buffalo Bills game under the new ownership of the Pegulla's.  They play the New England Patriots which will be a tough game.  Well the Bills lost.  I had TV on but napped off and on all afternoon.  We did get a lot done this week.  The applesauce is put away and Bonnie made a big pot of chili.  Not much else to report on today.

Thanks For Checking In!

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― Albert Einstein