Sunday, October 5, 2014

Home Base---- Leaves, leaves, leaves


First morning back here at our home base.  So far all seems well.  The coffee pot works so we are off to a good start.

I had big plans for today and I guess I got a lot done but it did not seem like it.  I had hoped to start on the leaves but that just never even came close to happening.  Maybe tomorrow.  This girls are coming out for a visit tonight so we are looking forward to that.  Bonnie did lots of wash and I worked on the financial stuff on the computer.  Renewed some things and paid some bills.  I also looked up some of the numbers from the trip.  We drove the coach 1762 miles, stayed at 7 different campgrounds and 1 week at a timeshare condo.  In addition to that we drove the CRV 1141 miles

The CRV was also towed 1723 miles behind the coach.  We bought 258 gallons of diesel and around 44 gallons of gas.

My GD in Alabama was on a field trip to a farm today and her mom send over this picture.

Starting early on a John Deere
Ordered pizza and wings and looking forward to that, its been over a month.

The pizza and wing were great, thats about it for today.


Beautiful day again this morning, the forecast says the day will not end this nice.

I went out around 10am and put the Cyclone Rake together to start picking up leaves.

Pieces and Parts

Got the engine mounted
Took about 30 minutes to get the rake together and fuel up the engine.  It started on the first pull.  I hitched up to the mower and started picking up leaves.  I noticed a while later that Elizabeth had come to pick up Bonnie for the retreat.  A couple loads later and Bonnie came out to ask me to come in and look at the printer.

Once I got in the house Elizabeth had the printer working and so I had some leftover pizza for lunch and a big drink.  Then back out to pick up leaves.  The girls left for their retreat and I kept picking up and dumping leaves.  I suddenly remembered I had to leave to take Alexus to the Dr. a little after 3pm it was not 2:57.  So I dumped the last of the 13 loads which is 574 bushels in the 4 hours I worked today.  The yard looks like a drunk cut it as I was trying to pick up where the leaves were concentrated even though all the grass needs cut.

I quickly washed up and changed and headed to pick up Alexus.  I made it to her house right on time, waited for to finish getting ready and then left for the DR.  We got there a little early so it all worked out.  Her annual check up went fine and she even got a flu shot.  Then after a quick stop at Tim Hortons I dropped her off at a friends to dog sit.  Its been raining a while so the weatherman was right.

Back home I lit the grill and heated up so wings and a couple pieces of pizza for supper.  I am tired out and still have lots of grass to cut and the wind has brought down a lot more leaves.

Time to relax catch up on some recordings and maybe nap a little.


Woke up to rain this morning.  After a quick breakfast I took the  Odyssey up to Becker's garage to get it inspected.  I was expecting a line but got right in.  No problems and we got our new inspection sticker.  I stopped in to visit at the town building and visited with the Town Clerk, no one was there at the court.  Then back home.  It looked like the sun was going to come out.  Good maybe I can get some grass cut.  Just as I was about to go out the rain came again.  Rain off and on was the pattern for the day.

Bonnie got home after 7 and we watched a little TV and then off to bed.


I heard the rain when I woke up this morning and it continued to rain all morning.  We had our coffee and breakfast and then headed for church.  It was nice to be back and see everyone.  Our Pastor has been on vacation a couple weeks and the speaker today did a really good job.

The rain had stopped when we left for home, one quick stop at the pharmacy and we are home for the afternoon.  Still dark and dreary, rain in the area but not here at the house.

Well the Bills won in the final 4 seconds of the game with a 58 yd field goal, wow.  Lots of surprises in the NASCAR race and it looks like some nice warm soup for supper.  Hopefully the weather will improve some this week and we can get some work done around the homestead.

This week is quite a change from last week, but we will adapt.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein