Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rainy Days


Bonnie had breakfast and headed over to her folks house to continue cleaning and sorting through their stuff.  The rain had ended and I headed out to cut the rest of the grass.  The yard was not too wet and so I hooked up to the cyclone rake again and picked up a couple more loads of leaves.  So far 660 bushels.

 I went in to eat some lunch and the rain started again.  So that was the end of the outside work.  Didn't do much the rest of the day and Bonnie did not get home till after 8pm.  So we watched a little TV before Bed.


I got a call yesterday asking if we could volunteer at the City Mission today.  Bonnie is helping at her parents again today but I was up at 6am and rode into the city with Elizabeth.  There were lots of statistics to catch up on and I cleaned up some of the spreadsheets.  Then we had to pick up Alexus from school and it was almost 7 when I got home.

Bonnie had beaten me home and collected all the trash, so I carried it out to the highway and then finally got to settle down.  Bonnie fixed some supper and then we watched a little TV again.

Not much exciting happening here at home.  Tomorrow we have lab work.


We had an 8:45 appointment at the lab this morning for blood work for our routine Dr appointments next week.  We had a bit of a snag in that we could not find Bonnie's paperwork.  We had time and made a quick stop at the Dr. office and picked up a copy of the paperwork and still made it to the lab on time.  So it all worked out.  They were not real busy but they were not moving very fast either.

Then we headed over to Tops so Bonnie could do a wire transfer through Western Union and a little shopping.  I went over to Value to pick up some RV antifreeze for the water system.  It was $4 a gallon so I called a friend that works at ACE and found out that it was sale for $2 a gallon.  So I decided to go to ACE later.  I went over to get coffee at Tim Hortons but the line was too long and I went pack to TOPs to pick up Bonnie.  Its been raining all morning.

Looks like a wet day
Once home we had a bit of breakfast and then I headed for Attica and Bonnie was going to her parents again.

I picked up 4 gals of RV Antifreeze and then had lunch with a friend and we caught up on what we have been doing.  So I had a good visit and its been a good day.  Back in Varysburg I dropped off the post office tub our mail had been in and then got gas for the mower and filled up the car.  Back home I vacuumed out the car.  I even had to vacuum the top intake manifold on the top of the engine.  Looks like a squirrel had a meal or two sitting up in there.  I figure it happened at a campground.

Cleaned out the New England dirt that we brought home
I changed out some light bulbs in the kitchen and cleaned some in my bathroom.  Then jumped in the rain locker.  Now to relax and watch a bit of TV or catch up on some podcasts.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein