Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Warmup


We were up early this morning and headed into East Aurora to the Dr. Office.  It rained harder and harder the closer we got.  Then they rained on our parade once we got there.  Out appointment is for tomorrow.  Now its been in our calendar as today for the last several months so not sure how it got messed up.  Since we go to the mission on Tuesdays we do not usually make Tuesday appointments.  Well they could not fit us in so we headed home.  We have an appointment for next week now.

I called and Brain was going to be able to inspect the coach today so as soon as we got home I started it unhooked the power, checked it over and headed out for the inspection.

Good for another year
No problems with the inspection and I was back home in an hour.  By now the rain had almost stopped but the coach was a mess from the wet roads.  I headed into the house for some lunch.  I finished up the pizza from a week ago.

Then I got dressed and took my iPad down to the Post Office to send to Gazelle.  Well its a holiday and the PO is closed.  Lots and lots of traffic on our road today must be the holiday and the craft show again.  Lucky for me it fit easily into the mailbox so it will go out tomorrow.

Back home I decided to put a Surface Bolt one of the kitchen drawers, in the coach,  that keeps coming open on the road.  Been meaning to do it for a while and now its done.

The drawer will stay shut now
Bonnie came back from her parents and asked me to grill some chicken so it chicken and salad for supper.  The rain did stop and it is 66 out turned out to be a nice day.  Early to bed tonight as we head downtown in the morning.


Up at 6am and getting ready to head into Buffalo City Mission to volunteer today.  Nice and warm out its 61.

Traffic was heavy was all the way downtown today but at least we did keep moving and had no problems.  We had a busy day at the mission and we were both busy all day right up until we left.  It was a beautiful day outside and even hit 81 in the north towns.

Traffic was again heavy all the way out of the city tonight.  We picked up Alexus at school and then headed to Elizabeth's for dinner and some family time.  Then finally home.  I took all the trash out to the road and hope it does not blow away tonight as it is very windy out.  We have watched the weather out West for the past couple days and it is to be here tomorrow.  I even had to throw a couple smaller branches off the driveway.

Thats about it for today.


Still warm but its been raining and it was very windy last night.  Lots of leaves have come down in the last 24 hours and I will be busy again when it dries out some.  However rain is forecast for the next few days.

Bonnie headed over to her parents again the big sale is this weekend and they are almost ready.  I volunteered to do the laundry so Bonnie sorted it before she left.

Read for me to take over
The only time I left the house today was to go out and get the mail.  Not sure how many loads of wash I did but it took all day and I was changing loads about every hour.  The last load finished up around 5:30.

Bonnie got home just before dark.  So now we can watch a little TV and relax.  Looks like more rain is still on the way.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein