Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beaver Bed Time


This week we plan to put the coach to bed for a few months.  We store it inside at Copeland's Storage out in Gainesville.  Hopefully we can get it out around March and head for warmer weather.  So today I want to add a little air to the tires and and see if anything else needs to be done before we take it out there.

Nice and sunny today so it will be nice to be outside.  So I headed outside, a bit cool but the sun was nice.  My goal today was to check all the tire pressures on the coach and the two cars.  I broke out my Sears composer for the coach tires.

The Small compressor
Yes I use the small compressor on the Big Tires.  It easily pumps in 100 psi of air.

The Big 22.5 inch tires
I took off all the pressure monitoring sensors also and packed them away for the winter.  Then I decided to check both cars.

Big compressor small tires
I also checked the oil and cleaned off the top of engine where they tend to spill oil.  It was the middle of the afternoon when I finished so I went in to get some lunch.

Bonnie was busy in the house while I was outside and then after lunch she went out for a while to continue working on the flower gardens and trimming them back.  Supper was in the crock pot.

We watched some TV after supper and relaxed.  Hoping to get to bed a little early tonight as I we have an early day tomorrow.


Today we were up in the dark and soon left for downtown.  Tuesday is our day to volunteer at the City Mission.  We had a good and busy day down there.  We left downtown and picked up Alexus after her drivers ed class at school.  Then to Elizabeth's for supper.  She had some very good Venison Chili and we enjoyed it.  Then we headed home in the dark and the rain.  Then I took out the trash.  Finally time to relax.  Lots to do tomorrow.


Today is the day to put our Beaver Coach to bed for the winter months.  It was overcast but dry.  I felt good when I got up but then started feeling hungery and like I need to throw up all at once.  That passed pretty quick and I felt ok again.  I woke Bonnie up and we got ready and headed to Gainesville.  We had a nice visit with the folks out there and left the coach for them to put inside.

All ready to head out
 Seemed funny to come home and see the empty parking spot.  As you can see it rained while we were on the road so the coach will need a good bath when we get it out in the spring.

Empty till spring
So I ran some of the numbers for this year.  Since April 10th.
The coach was out of storage for 202 days.
We slept in it 67 nights, a lot more than last year.
We drove 4331 miles and towed the CRV for 3911 of those miles
We used 582 gallons of diesel, averaged 7.1 MPG and paid an average of $3.90 per gallon

We saw so many wonderful places this year and enjoyed meeting and talking to many people on our travels.  Now we will wait out winter and plan for next year.

When we got back home I did not feel good again.  I did check my blood pressure and blood sugar but all seemed ok.  So went in and laid down for a while.  When I got up I felt much better but not 100%.

Well thats about it, its still raining and almost dark out, so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!

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