Sunday, October 19, 2014



Looks like another cloudy day at least so far this morning.  Bonnie left for her parents and I got ready and left for Batavia.

But first a stop in Attica at Ace Hardware.  I picked up 2 gallons of RV Antifreeze for next year, its still on sale for $1.99,  Also a set of LED flood lights for on the garage.  I got to Batavia and Home Depot.  Then picked up a couple plumbing fittings.  I wanted to look at their Little Giant ladders but it turns out they only sell them online.  There are none in the stores.

The sun had come out and the overcast was gone up in Batavia, so I ran the car through the car wash.
Bonnie gave me the shopping list for Tops and I went over there and tried to figure out all her codes on the list.  It took me a while to find everything but in the end I managed to save $58.00 which was a good savings.  Bonnie did the real work I just pickup up what she had on the list.  One more stop at Ace Hardware for 2 more gallons of Antifreeze.  Now I am all set for next year.  It started to sprinkle as I got home, figures since I got the car washed.

I put the groceries away and since it was wet out pretty much took it easy the rest of the day.

A few bags of groceries
I grilled some Brats for supper and Bonnie did not get home till after 7.  She had picked up Alexus who needed to pickup some paint to paint her jeans for Spirit Day at school.  Then Bonnie took her back home.

Apple released their new OS called Yosemite today for the Macs.  So I started that around supper time.  It took a couple hours but it kept cunning away and loaded just fine, so far no problems.  I will give it a couple days and then update my iMac.  Thats about it for today.


Spoiler Alert - Today was pretty boring again.  Bonnie was up and gone to the Estate Sale at her parents before I got up.  After breakfast I tried out most of the programs on my MacBook and did not have any issues with them running on the new Operating System.  Apple does a pretty good job with their beta testing but something always slips through.

On another good note received my iPad and checked it out agreed that it was in like new condition, gave me a 5% bonus plus $20 for taking an Amazon Gift Card.  So I now have credit on Amazon.

I grilled Sahlen hot dogs on the grill for supper with some bushes baked beans with a touch of maple syrup.  Then since the Apple upgrade went so well last night I started the upgrade on my iMac.  Hopefully in a couple hours that will be complete.  It rained off and on today and more rain is forecast for tomorrow.

The iMac upgrade was much quicker than the MacBook, must be a better processor.  Well thats it for tonight.


Cold, raining, and dark again this morning.  Bonnie is off to her parents again.  Looks like another day of sitting in the house most of the day.

So todays project will be upgrading Bonnie's MacBook Air to Yosemite.  The other two computers are working well so I might as well do this one.  It is the oldest one and the slowest processor.  Its 4 years old but still works as well as the day we bought it.

Upgrade to Yosemite
No problems with the upgrade.  I can remember spending hours and sometimes a couple days upgrading my windows machines.

I also decided to cook the turkey breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce for supper.  A nice hot meal for Bonnie when she gets home.

Turned out great
The turkey was good and Bonnie had two helpings.  I saved room for dessert, cookies and milk.
Then we watched a little TV and now off to bed.  Hoping the rain goes away soon and yes there are lots of leaves to pick up again.


We live at what they call the higher elevations (1440') here in Western New York.  Last night the forecast was calling for snow mixed with rain at the higher elevations.  I did not see any and don't thing we had any so no snow yet.

It was wet when we got up this morning but no rain.  Bonnie headed to her parents again and I headed for church.  It was the Pastors first week back after a month long vacation.  It was nice to have him back and hear him speak.

After church I went to Elizabeth's to work on some computer issues.  First I installed a newer used router which went well.  Then she changed out a cable.  But her Apple TV is still freezing periodically.  I checked on line a it seems a lot of people are having the same issue.  Lastly we fired up the 10 year old MacBook and after changing an overheated and bulging battery we managed to get it working.  Then we were able to share all her music and get it moved on to her newer computer.

Great news the Buffalo Bills won in the final seconds of the game.  Then I got home to see an exciting end to the NASCAR race.  Bonnie got home shortly afterwards.  The end to another wet but good week.  I imagine I will be picking up lots of leaves as soon as we get a dry day or two.

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