Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mr. Sun shows his face


Nice and bright this morning, yes the sun is out bright and clear.  Nice to see the blue skies today.  Bonnie and I headed out to the coach.  Time to pack up whats in the drawers and clean some.  We take all the clothes and anything we think a mouse would chew up and pack them up into plastic tubs.  It only takes a while but it is much quicker than cleaning up a mess in the spring.  We also ran the Aqua Hot and the generator just to exercise them.  Bonnie finished up by vacuuming the rig and headed back to the the house.

I have been reading a lot on the forums about a big problem with Carefree Eclipse power awnings.  It is limited to a short period of manufacturing.  Seems that the end cap wears and then the awning deploys while you are driving down the road.  I got out the ladders and the tools and worked at taking the awning apart.

Awning Motor uncovered
The black part on the left is what wears out on some awnings.  Mine is an older model and seems to last longer and not have the problem.

Another view of the end cap
Mine is made out of plastic the one that go bad are cast medal.  Mine has an extra part that they call a spyder and seems to last a long time.

This Spyder fits on the end of the shaft and turns the awning tube
So its good to know that mine should be good and last a long time.  I put it all back together.  I only dropped one screw and looked for it a long time, even said a little prayer for help, before I found it.

I put everything away then and headed into the house.  Bonnie made some lunch and we watched a little TV.  Then Bonnie got ready and headed to volunteer at the ROC Rural Outreach Center.  She will help over there for a few hours.

Then we will relax a little.  It was sunny all day but the yard needs to dry out some before I can get the leaves picked up.


Overcast when I first woke up this morning so I laid down again.  The sun was out nice and bright and Bonnie had left for her sisters when I got up the second time.  We had stayed up until after midnight watching the last of Manhattan season 1 last year.  We actually thought it was ending but there is a Season 2 in 2015.  Its about the first atomic bomb project.  We also finalized plans to visit my sister in PA before Thanksgiving.

So after breakfast I will head out and try to get some of the leaves picket up if its not too muddy where I dump them.  Finally getting some seat time.

The yard was pretty dry, but I did get stuck once and stayed away from a couple other areas.  Here is what parts of the yard looked like when I started.

A lot of the yard was totally covered
The leaves were not totally dry so that makes each load extra heavy.  However the cyclone rake did a good job of picking them up until it ran out of gas.  Back to the garage for some gas, then back to work.

Work in progress
It was a little muddy where I dump the leaves but I managed, I did almost get stuck at another spot in the yard, made a mess but I got out.

The pile is getting rather large
I sucked up a buried rock and cracked the plastic blower housing.  I patched it and think it will be fine.  Its 14 years old and may be a bit brittle.  All was going good until the engine quit on the mower.  Yep now its out of gas, and I had checked it.  Walked back to the garage and got the gas can.

Put some gas in both tanks
Almost done.

Looking much better
This is the section I did first.  I spent 4 hours in the seat today and there are still a lot of leaves on the trees.
Leaves are still coming down
After the 4 hours and two tanks of gas I had picked up and dumped 10 loads of leaves thats 44 bushels.  I unhooked the cyclone rake and then cut the front yard grass, the leaves were not that bad out there.  Finally finished and put the mower and car away in the garage.

Bonnie had called so I called her back and we made plans for supper.  She had to pick up Alexus from school and then drop some stuff off at her parents house.  I got stuff together, grilled some pork, made some beets, and it all was ready just as she walked in the door.

We watched some TV and now its off to bed.


Up early at 6am, I am headed in to Hamburg to attend an all day mens conference called Iron Sharpens Iron with a group from our church.

The conference was good and I am home and heading to bed early as I am very tired.


Up early this morning for church.  We had breakfast, read email and then started for church.  We picked up Alexus and headed to church.  What a treat we had.  The Ugandan Children's Choir had the whole service.  There are 10 children aged 8-12.  They sang, danced, spoke, and played their drums.  It was a unique look into their world now and where they came from.  They are here performing for 11 months, sharing their message.

Its been damp and overcast all day.  We watched part of the Bills game.  They played good and beat the NY Jets.  We also watched parts of the NASCAR race from Martinsville, which Dale Earnhart Jr.      won.

Looking at the yard a lot more leaves have fallen since Friday, hopefully by the end of this coming week I can finish up the leaves, put the Coach in Storage and winterize the mower.

Another good week in the books.

Thanks For Checking In!

"The Business of Life is the acquisition of memories!"