Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Homeward Bound


We were up and on the road by 10am this morning.  It was very overcast, which is nice on a travel day as the coach stays much cooler without the sun beating down on it.

It was overcast most of the morning
I drove for about an hour and then Bonnie took over and drove for the next 3 hours.  The blue sky did start to show through at least for a while.

Colors were pretty nice here in the Massachusetts Berkshires
We finally crossed into New York and shortly after that we crossed the Hudson River.

Back in our home state

Bridge across the Hudson

Hudson River

Construction zone
We have been fortunate on our trip, the construction zones have not caused us any delays.

We pulled into the Villages at Turning Stone a little after 4:00pm.  Checkin was quick and easy.  They made us cards to use at the resort and casino for food and gave us 5 or 10 dollars of play money on the card.

Our site #437
We got set up and leveled quickly and then relaxed for a while.  We decided to go check out the restaurants at the hotel/casino.  Before we left I went out and said hello to our neighbor as he grilled supper.  I noticed he was from Arkansas and turns out he was a neighbor to one of the agents I worked with in Fayetteville.  Its a small world.  We called for the shuttle and it picked us up a few minutes later.

We ate in the the Upstate Tavern.  I had meatloaf and it was good, Bonnie did not like her Chicken Pot Pie but said it was just ok.  Then we played the machines till our free money was gone.  Then back on the shuttle and home to the coach.  The constant noise in the casino is too much for me.  Not sure we will go back over there.

We are only a few hours from home so this stop is to relax a bit and then clean the tanks out good as this will probably be our last trip this year.  Once we get home we will get the coach ready to winterize and put it to bed for the winter.


Quiet cool night so we both slept well.  We did both hear a train whistle several times but it was off in the distance.  Nothing planned for today we have not even unhooked the car.  Just relaxing and planning to grill for supper.  Had a wrap for lunch with some of the potato chips we got in Canada.

They were really good nice and salty
We are enjoying just sitting and relaxing, listening to the wind rustle the leaves and watching them slow drift to the ground.  I even managed to get a nice nap on the couch this afternoon.  We have had a nice breeze all day and have not needed the air conditioner.

I broke out the grill and Bonnie whipped up some Mac and Cheese.  The O Grill did a good job and I am really starting to like it.

Sausage on the Grill
Well thats about it for today.  I have a webinar to tune into for RVillage tonight and hopefully the network here will support it.


I was up at a little after 8 and got Bonnie up at 9.  We had breakfast and worked at packing up to get on the road.  I cleaned and drained the tanks extra good today as this is probably our last trip before winter.  We have a black tank flusher and it has a leak somewhere so I added that to the list, but it may wait until spring.

We fueled up before we hit the Thruway and paid $4.01 first diesel over $4.00 on the whole trip, Welcome Home to New York.  Our drive went well.

Cloudy trip, look at the bugs on the windshield
We stopped at Merle's to get some corn but it appears the corn season is over there.  Then we stopped at the church in Varysburg to unhook the car. Bonnie went and picked up the mail and I backed the coach into its spot.  Then we unloaded most of the clothes and food.  We will finish later this week.

2nd and last load for today
We did a quick look at the mail and then tried to relax a little.

I almost forgot it was Wednesday and I need to get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein