Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No Seat Time


Overcast this morning but no rain maybe I will get some seat time on the JD and get some leaves picked up today.  Bonnie headed to her parents again to pack up the stuff that did not sell.  I seem to have some malware on my Mac, I know it came from an attachment that I clicked on.  I think it is cleaned off of my laptop but I think it got backed up to my time capsule.  It will be safe there and eventually get erased.  It just shows up when the backup files are scanned by the antivirus software.

I finally headed out to fix a loose valance in the coach that just required a screw to secure it.  Its been on the list for a while and only took a few minutes to fix, so why did I put it off so long?

Then I decided to fix a Peavey that came from Bonnie's Dad.  It had been modified before so I had to convert it back to a regular peavey.

Ready to convert
I had sprayed the bolt with PB blaster the other day and with the impact wrench I was able to get the bolt off.  Then I resembled it with a new bolt and put a new handle in it that I actually bought several years ago.

Now I just need a spike for the end
Shortly after I finished Bonnie got home.  Today we are being visited by long time friends from Virginia.  We used to work together and its been a long time since we saw them.

We had a great visit here at the house and then headed in to pick up Elizabeth and Alexus and then on to the Iron Kettle for dinner.  The time passed quickly as we tried to catch up on each others lives and its hard to believe so long has passed.  We sadly said goodbye as they are headed back to Virginia in the morning.  Fun times and many happy memories with these two.

Its was raining when we came out and headed home.  We dropped off the girls and made it home safely.  Still catching up on recordings.  Off to bed now as I have and early morning.


No seat time on the JD today, it was rain all day today.  Plus I spent the day downtown at the mission.  Busy all day working on stats and databases.  I forgot to get a picture of Norb and Maggie last night so this morning they sent me a selfie from their car as they headed home to Virginia.

On the road home

Someone was very happy to see Norb
Bonnie spent the day at her parents packing up stuff.  Elizabeth and I picked up Alexus from school and then home to her house for supper.  We also order a DVD study of Genesis to do together on Monday nights, Alexus picked out the study.  I am happy and proud that she is interested in studying what the Bible has to say.

Still raining when we headed home and I took the trash out to the highway for pickup in the morning.  We had a few Amazon deliveries today, a surge protector with ac plugs and USB ports to charge phones, and a big box with a Little Giant step ladder in it.  It has a rail to grab.  As I get some age on me I am not as steady as I once was, so safety first.


I am ready for some sun, its another overcast day.  So far it has not rained but it sure looks damp out ant its only 42 at 11am.  We show 3.23" of rain so far for the month.  We are still waiting on the new iPhones hopefully they will be here by the end of next week.

Bonnie and I have our rescheduled Dr appointments today so we are headed into East Aurora in just a bit.  Dr visits went fine.  Normal stuff lose weight and adjust meds.  We also got our flu shots.  Something new for me, I got the senior flu shot.  Have not researched what that is yet.

Then we headed to Tops so Bonnie could take advantage of the sales and coupons.  I went to Valu Hardware and picked up some driveway reflectors that were on sale to mark the edges of the driveway for winter.  I also had time to make a quick stop at Tim Horton's.  I tried the Chicken Wing Mac and Cheese, it was pretty good.  I also tried the Dark Roast coffee and it was very good.  Next stop was at CVS to pick up a RX for Bonnie and some halloween candy for church.

Finally home we carried groceries and treasures up to the house.

Full load in the Ranger
Well if it ever dries out I will back to picking up the leaves.

Just a few of the leaves in the yard
There are still plenty of leaves on the trees so hopefully they will be on the ground soon.  No sun today and while it did not rain it was terribly damp out.  We grilled some italian sausage outside for supper along with some coleslaw.

Watched the news on the shootings in Canada and they some recordings .  Time now to get this posted.  No Seat time on the green leaf machine so far this week.

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