Sunday, November 16, 2014

Heading South


Well it was snowing when we got up this morning.

This mornings Lake Effect
We had breakfast finished packing and headed south and east to Spring City, PA.  We are spending a couple days with my sister and brother in law.  We also get a bonus this year of attending a party for Dan and Maggie's birthdays, grand nephew and niece.  The snow stopped just north of Bath, NY.  We stopped just after we crossed the PA border at a Country Kitchen.  Both our meals were very good.

A good place for lunch

Pastrami Special
Bonnie drove after lunch and I was able to use our hot spot to browse the internet and we listened to podcasts.  We pulled over to get gas and it appears the snow has followed us.  We arrived at my sisters around 4 and the snow was starting to get a little heavier.  By the time we finished supper the grass was almost all white.

Snow is in this system
Well its good to be here and Molly (their Lab) was very happy to see us as well as everyone else.


Well it got sunny today and the snow disappeared.  Joe took Molly out to hunt birds at the State Game Lands.  They saw a pheasant but it was too close to a house to shoot at.  They had a good time and were back home early.

Resting up after the hunt
She thinks she is a lap dog
So mostly we took it easy and chatted and caught up on things.

Sharon and Emma the cat
Sharon prepared homemade egg noodles for supper and gave me the RV reminders that she made for me out of slap bracelets.

I put these around the steering wheel to remind me to check items in the Coach
Joe showed us their pictures from their last cruise up the East Coast and in to Quebec.

We had a good supper of chicken and the home made noodles.  Then after supper we vacuum packed the hot dogs so they could be frozen and kept a while.  I got a quick nap after supper and we watched a little TV.


Joe and Molly left quietly for the gun club this morning, I never heard them leave.  My sister was up and having breakfast when I got up.  Looks like another nice sunny day.  Later today we are celebrating Dan and Maggie's birthdays and the lady that made the cake dropped it off before lunch.

Emma ruled the house while Molly was gone
We got word from home the Elizabeth and Alexus are visiting Medaille College for an open house.  Seems they leaned a lot today.

Shortly after Joe and Molly got home we had one of my all time favorite lunches.  BBQ chipped ham, with chili sauce and relish.  My mother used to make it when we were kids and I still love it.

Molly enjoyed snuggling with us
So after the kids naps they all headed over here.  We had 3 Grand Nieces here today and 1 Grand Nephew.  We had a great time with the kids and I know they enjoyed opening their presents.  We also got to visit with our Nieces and Nephews.  The kids played great together and they are all very well behaved.

Birthday Boy
Birthday Girl
Grand Niece

Youngest Grand Niece just about ready to walk
The kids really like Thomas the Tank Engine and Sharon had gotten shirts for them and also the cake and theme of the party were about Thomas.

Happy Birthday!!
The four cousins  4-2-2-10 months
It always amazes me how advance the young kids seem to be these days, I wonder if we seemed that way to our relatives.

Maggie and I took a selfie
The house seemed very quiet after everyone left.  We relaxed a little and Molly napped.


Set the alarm this morning to get up and get ready for church.  Molly was home this morning but Joe had gone to the club.  My nephew got a surprise call this morning and ended up helping in the booth this morning.  We sat behind them and kept an eye on them.  They are using the same software we are going to be using at home so I got to ask some questions before and after.

I do this at home
After church we came home and relaxed.  Watched some of the final 2014 NASCAR race and of course napped.  Then headed for church.  When we got to church I did learn that Kevin Harvick won the championship.  We got to see Charlie and Ellie and had a bit of fun with them.  It was starting to rain on the drive home, looks like it will be a wet day tomorrow.

Thats about it for this week, we are having a good visit and are expecting snow when we get close to home.

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