Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Return to Fall


The sun was out when I got up this morning, but it soon disappeared.  Looking at the weather forecast it looked like the last day to get up the leaves since we will not be home tomorrow.  So out I went and  picked up the last two loads of leaves for this year.  The snow has melted as it is up to 50 even though the sun is not out bright.  That made a total of 29 loads or 1276 bushels.  The yard was really wet and the tires spun a lot.  I had to back down the hill a couple times as I could not get up the hill.  I could have done more but it was tearing up the yard so I quit.

I disassembled the cyclone rake and emptied the gas out of the engine.  Then I ran it until it quit.  The engine comes off the frame and I stored it in a plastic bag once it cooled down.  Then I took the deck off the mower and cleaned the stuck on leaves and grass off it, changed the blades to ones that were sharp.  Then after the deck was back on the lawn tractor I put it away for the winter.  I put more mouse poison in the shed and close it all up.  I cleaned out the bed of the Ranger and put it away after I ran out and picked up the mail.  Of course I forgot to take any pictures, sorry.

Bonnie cleaned up some of the plant beds today and mulched the garden.  Then she went in and peeled apples and made some apple sauce.  Not much else to report on for today.


Today is our day at the mission downtown.  But first its Election Day and we headed to the Town Hall to cast our votes before we headed downtown.

I hope you voted
We stopped and picked up Elizabeth and since we drive right past her polling place we stopped and se voted also.  My Facebook was full of postings from my friends and family that they too had voted, very cool.

Friday we had been notified that our new iPhones had shipped.  Since they are on the same account they assured me both were shipped.  But online it looked like there was just one.  But I took them at there word and I got notified that the phones were delivered.

Looks like we will be busy tonight
We had a very busy day at the mission and then had to pick up Alexus at 6pm from school, after her driver ed class.  So we decided to just have supper at Elizabeths and worry about the phones tomorrow.  So we had very good Garlic Chicken and I attempted to help Alexus with a little chemistry homework.  Her book was at school so I did not get far, plus she gets frustrated.  So it was late, we were tired and we headed home.

I had to take out the trash to the road and then opened the phone box that FedEx had left.  Only one phone, and it was the one Elizabeth ordered.  I looked online and sure enough Verizon had sent another shipment.  It looks like it will be here tomorrow so that should work out.  A little TV then off to bed.


Well looks like my phone is on the FedEx truck so thats good.  Bonnie has headed to the dentist for her 6 month cleaning.  I will catch up on email and since its a nice day I will head out and try to clean the gutters.  We have some sun today and its in the upper 50's, last year there was ice in the gutters when I cleaned them.  So as soon as Bonnie gets home I can start on that, I try to stay off high ladders when none else is home.  Maybe I will get the low parts in the back done.

I went out and started cleaning the gutters on the garage.

Started with the lower parts of the garage
The gutters on the garage were not too bad and I finished them pretty quick.  Then I headed up to get the gutters on the back of the house.  They turned out to be pretty full.

Lots of leaves in the back gutter
I took a couple 5 gal buckets out of this gutter.  Then as I moved around to the front of the house Bonnie got back from the dentist and shopping.  So now if I fell at least someone would be home.  Plus I was starting to run out of gas.  The first section was pretty full.  Then the long section was not bad until I got past the satellite dish.  Then it was chock full.

Love my little giant ladder
My ladder is heavy duty and pretty stable but it gets heavy by the end of the job.  I finally finished and but the ladder and bucket away.

The plastic dealers frame on the car was vibrating and bothering us.  So I took care of that.

Problem solved, its in the trash 
Also from my time on the bench I know that these frames are a reason to get a ticket if they block any of the information on the plate.

FedEx had delivered my iPhone earlier as I was starting the gutters so I headed in to get started on a long day of upgrading and switching phones.

We are all on Elizabeths plan so we all were able to get new or different phones.  Elizabeth and I got iPhone 6 Pluses.  Then our 2 year old iPhone 5 units were passed on to Alexus and Bonnie.  I was lucky to get a tech at Verizon that clearly understood what we wanted to do and he got it all set up.  Once the girls got here, backed up their phones, the new units were activated on the correct phone numbers and we were good to go.  Alexus does not believe in the cloud so she lost some pictures etc but otherwise it was a good experience.  So after waiting over a month since we ordered the phones we are good to go.

Thanks For Checking In!

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