Sunday, November 30, 2014

Turkey is hard to find in Canada

I hit the wrong key Sunday morning and the blog published, I reverted back to a draft so some of you may already have seen part of this.  This is the complete blog.


Happy Thanksgiving friends and family.  Canada celebrated theirs last month so no turkey dinner for us here.  We took it easy today read and watched some more movies.

The girls wanted KFC for our Thanksgiving Dinner and so thats what we did.  Besides we could not find anyplace with a turkey dinner near here.

Happy Thanksgiving
 We tend do have not-traditional dinners on Thanksgiving when we are away from home.


Group photo 2014
We had a nice relaxing day, watching the snow cover the ground.  Now it is clear again and thats about it for today.


Wow bright sunshine and clear blue skies when I got up this morning.  The girls had bathing suits so they all went to the pool last night.  I walked down and took a picture of two of them in the out door hot tub which is surrounded with snow.  I bet that was cold when they got out.

Warm on the inside Cold outside
Been up an hour and a half and do not hear anyone else stirring.  This couch is a sleeper bed and is veryotball game.  The furniture down there was much more comfortable.  This is our last day here and I am thinking we will drive over to the ski area Blue Mountain Village and at least see what it looks like as the slopes are not open yet.

Bonnie decided to do the wash so its done and won't have to be done when we get home.  The machines are right here in the condo so its pretty easy.  She decided to stay here at the condo today.

Elizabeth left to take back the Redbox movies and do a little shopping.  Alexus and I headed for the ski area to see what was up there.  It was only about a 15 minute drive and not a bad drive.  The roads are kid of icy, they do not use a much salt up here as we do at home.  The ski area has a lot of runs and the base of the runs is all condos, hotels and shopping.  Here are a few pictures.

Its called the village, lots of stores and places to eat
 They turned the snow machines on while we were there, I think they hope to be open this weekend.  It was 24 degrees out and the machines seemed to be working well.

Making snow

One of several chair lifts

This was as close as we could get
We headed back to the condo as it was starting to get dark and we were getting cold.  Wash is done and Elizabeth is back.  Tomorrow we head home so hoping to get a good nights sleep,  Supper will be eating up some of the left overs.


I woke up this morning just before the alarm went off.  We got up, finished packing and headed home.  Elizabeth and Alexus left long before us.  We finished cleaning up and taking care of the trash and left over food.

The drive home was a uneventful and I was able to capture a couple pictures as we passed through Hamilton as Bonnie drove the whole way home.

Lots of industry here
 We passed over the Welland Canal.  We were lucky to catch a ship entering the lock.  Looking the other way there were 4 ships lined up to enter the canal from Lake Ontario.  Sorry but it was very overcast all day so the pictures a not the greatest.

One of the locks
We were home by 2pm and made it easily into the garage.  We had a few inches of snow on the driveway but no problem.  Once we carried everything into the house, Bonnie made us lunch.  After lunch I cleaned the snow off the back deck and then we both relaxed.


Bright and Sunny this morning forecast high is 51.  Must have stayed above 32 last night as the driveway is melted off.  Headed for church, the girls are not feeling well so they are staying home, we are on our own.

Our church service was super today.  As the Pastor spoke about the doctrines in the Bible I realized that these doctrines and beliefs were the ones that America was founded on.  Sadly I also realized that we as a nation seem to have turned our backs on not only the doctrines but the giver of them, God.  I hope many realize this and that America can do an about face and get back to the beliefs and actions that have made us such a great country.

After church we tried to pick up eggs for Elizabeth but they were closed.  Then we stopped at the farmers market for veggies.  Bonnie put together a really good salad for lunch and I sure enjoyed that.  We watched the Bills game off and on, so happy that they won.  We also caught up on some of the DVR recordings and of course I napped some.

We had a great week and a fun time up in Canada but its good to be HOME in the USA.

Thanks For Checking In!

"The Business of Life is the acquisition of memories!"