Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yet another wet cool down


Dark, wet, and overcast this morning when I got up.  Looks like no outside work today.  My new iPhone is still working this morning so thats a good sign.  I did call Apple and set up Apple Care on the phone and that was a pretty easy process.  Then I got the phones all ready to send in for the rebates.  Then I went online and changed our Data Plan as we could get more date (2G) for $10 less a month.  The data plans have come way down this month so we took advantage of it.  Not sure if we still get the 2G bonus for upgrading.

Bonnie peeled apples and we made and canned more applesauce.

Waiting to become applesauce or pie
Cooking the sauce and processing the jars

Fresh Applesauce

Filling the jars

Finished jars on the right, last jar to be processed on the left
We did 7 quarts in all and they are still cooling, its good to hear the lids pop.  Then Bonnie peeled some of the Quince and cooked it to prepare it for jelly.  I went down to the post office to send the phones back.  While I was out I set up my new phone to work on the bluetooth in the Odyssey.  Now I am heading out to church to help at the Worship Team Practice.

On the way to church I dropped a cable off for Alexus so she could charge her phone.  Then 4 deer walk across the road in front of me.  Practice went well and I was home by 10pm.  Bonnie still had Quince cooking on the stove and is trying to drain the juice off of what she made earlier.

Draining the Quince
We watched a couple shows and now are heading for bed.


When we woke up this morning winter had returned.  Once it got a little lighter I took a picture.

More snow this morning
It snowed until about noon but did not accumulate anymore than this.  Bonne had a lot more Quince to process so we broke out the Garden Way Squeezo.  We have had it 30 years or more but have not used it lately.  We processed the Quince and Bonnie sewed up an old dish towel to use as a jelly bag to strain the juice out.

Squeezo in action

Hung up to let it drain.
We ended up doing a couple batches and tomorrow I think she can make the jelly tomorrow.  Bonnie took the rest of the Quince over to her sisters and when she got back I headed out to but the snow blower on the tractor.  It had almost stopped snowing but boy was it cold.  So thankful that we have a garage as it was 20 some degrees warmer in there.


Dropping off the Loader

Ready for the blower

Checked the oil, coolant, and battery

So the tractor is ready for winter.  Still need to check out the other blowers.   Looks like we are heading out to Byrncliff for a fish fry tonight, with Alexus.  The fish was good but the sides were just so so.  Good to be back home, it is damp and cold out.  Plus I am tired after working out in the garage this afternoon.


We were up earlier than usual this morning.  A young man that we have watch grow up from Attica is ready to leave to serve our country in the US Navy.  Today his family was hosting a brunch for him to honor his decision.

Caleb and his Grandmother
Best wishes as you head off to boot camp, know that you are in our prayers.

We stopped at Tops on the way home and picked up sugar.  Once we got home Bonnie got busy making the Quince Jelly.  My job would be to process them once done in the hot water bath.

Stir Stir Stir

Into to the canner for 10 minutes or so

We used the induction cooker
 The induction cooker worked well and was pretty quick at bringing the water to a boil.

The finished product
We got 11 pints and a little extra.  A lot of work but it will be so good.  In fact we tried some on toast with supper it is very good and will get better as it sits a couple weeks.

So its raining again tonight and might just turn to snow as it cools down tonight, time will tell.  So we had a good Saturday and I think I will sleep well tonight.


It looks like it stayed above freezing all night, no new snow and all the snow has melted.  We got ready and headed to church, picking up the girls on the way.  Pastor had another good message and its always good to visit with our church family.

We love our food here in Buffalo, especially the brands that are still only available locally.  Elizabeth wanted to try getting a sub at Costanzo's.  They have arguably the very best rolls in Buffalo.  Most places use them for not only their sub rolls but also their Beef on Weck rolls.  So we headed in toward the city and found the bakery.

Looks like they are happy to be here
The subs were good and I am still full this evening as I write this.  Elizabeth also picked up some fresh Rye Bread to take home.  Then we headed to Sav A Lot so she could pick up some cream cheese.  That reminded me that we are going to visit my sister and her family soon.  A couple quick texts and a phone call and we knew how many Sahlen hot dogs to pick up.  So we headed to SAMs club where they still have 5lb. bags.

Wow were the lines long
 All the lines had about ten people waiting in them.  Thats when the lady at the jewelry counter decided she could help by taking people with just a couple items.  So we checked out with her.  I told her how much we appreciated her helping to checkout customers, and she really appreciated it.  Its so nice when employees do what ever it takes to help customers.

The best hot dogs in Buffalo
At least most people here would agree, but we have a couple other brands that are very good.

Since we were close we headed over to the Apple store, always dangerous.  Elizabeth had gotten a screen protector on Friday and when they put it on there was dust under it.  So she got them to replace it without a hassle.  I looked at the MacBook Pros, comparing the 15in to the 13in.  They are nice with the SSD storage but my 4 year old model really is not giving me any problems.  I would like a little more RAM but it was easy to walk out without even pricing the new ones.

We came home the back bay and drove by the house I grew up in.  The people that own it now have it looking very nice and it is looking good.  We dropped the girls off and headed home.  Got home just in time to see the Bills run out of time and lose to Kansas City.  Then we switched to the NASCAR race to watch Kevin Harvick win, Jeff Gordon miss the cut by one, and Ryan Newman (drives the CAT sponsored Car) move into the fourth spot for the final race for the Championship next week.

Time to get this posted and watch a little TV.

Thanks For Checking In!

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