Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oh No Snow!


Happy Birthday to our daughter, this is a decade birthday, I will say no more.

First full day without the coach in the driveway, guess I am going through withdrawal.  It is cold, damp and overcast again.  Bonnie went to her parents new apartment to help organize there.  I went out and put in 30 or 40 driveway stakes to mark the driveway edges.  This will help me keep the tractor on the driveway when I blow the snow.

Tools for the Job
I learned this from my SIL. to install the markers.  I pound the rebar into the ground to make a hole and then drop in the stake, and pack the sides a little to hold it straight.

Hard to see here but they have reflective tape or reflectors

View from the garage 
Well that was about it for today, I am still not feeling up to par.  Hoping another good nights sleep will help.

We did get a notification that our iPhone 6pluses are being shipped today.  I also got our proof of insurance cards for traveling to Canada.  Thats about it for today.


Another damp morning.  Bonnie's sister came over this morning and we worked on line to get her NYS nursing and massage therapist licenses renewed.  Technically we renewed her registration for three years.  Its another way for NY to collect fees.  I must say that it was actually pretty easy,  answer a couple questions and pay the fees.  Then we all spent a couple hours visiting.

I did manage a short nap in the afternoon, then we had to get ready to head to church.  Tonight is Harvest Fest.  Of course its been raining most of the afternoon.  Bonnie was working at the sign in desk and I worked at the Bounce House regulating how many kids were in it at a time.  Wow was it popular.  I had lots of kids and they all had a great time.  I especially enjoyed the big smiles on the the little ones as they enjoyed bouncing.

Bounce House with Slide
The kids never stand still oh to have all that energy again.

We finally got a tracking number for the iPhone or iPhones its unclear if one or both shipped.  One thing is for sure they charged for both of them.  We won't know for sure until they are delivered next week.

Still raining tonight as I head to bed.


I slept about 10 hours last night but still am not feeling 100%.  When I looked out side a little after 10am this morning it was snowing.  Its 36 out so it is not sticking but rather melting as fast as it falls.

I took it easy about all I did was go out and change the time on the generator so it tests at the right time on Saturday mornings.  I also got the mail and PennySavers while I was out.  No Warsaw one again.  Bonnie was busy in the kitchen all day making soup.

The chicken noodle soup was good.  It has snowed all day but has not accumulated.  It is down to 33 so if it keeps up it may start to stick.  Last year we did not have snow until Nov 21st but then we got 8 inches.  Hoping it holds off longer this year.  Time to think about putting the snow blower on to the tractor and getting it all greased up.

I just looked outside and its 32 and the snow is sticking.

Looks like about 1/2 inch
We relaxed and spent the evening watching TV.


With the end of DST it was nice an bright when I got up this morning.  Having everything covered with a fresh coating of snow added to that.  Here is the same view as the picture last night.

The view this morning
So it looks like around 2 inches stuck after it got down to 32.  Here is a view out the front of the front door.

Front Yard
It is to warm up a little today and stay sunny so all this should soon be gone.  Tomorrow is to be nice also so hopefully we can finish up with the leaves and yard work.

We see a lot of deer in the yard and occasionally turkeys but we seldom see Bucks out in the open.  When I took the snow picture this morning and scanned the yard there was a Buck at the edge of the yard staring at me.

At least 4 points maybe 6
So the morning is off to a good start.  Now its time to hit the rain locker and get ready for church.

Another good sermon at church today and always good to see our church family.  After church Bonnie and Alexus went to Elizabeth's.  Bonnie was going to supervise Alexus and teach her how to properly clean the house.  Elizabeth and I went to the movies and saw "The Judge" with Robert Duvall.  We enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty good.

Bonnie had meatloaf, baked potatoes, and squash ready for supper when we got to the house.  Boy it was good.  Then we headed home to watch the end of the NASCAR race from Texas.  An exciting end and Jimmie Johnson gets the win.

I was hoping to be able to pick up the last of the leaves tomorrow but the yard is still covered with snow.  It is to be 50 tomorrow so maybe they will dry out enough to get it done.  Its 33 on the hill tonight so not much will melt tonight.

Well time to get this posted.

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