Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Now it gets warm again, but watch out here comes the cold


Not sunny when I got up this morning but the sun did come out a little later and stayed out most of the day.  I ran some diagnostics and tuned up my laptop today.  That seems to have gone ok and I know I got rid of a lot of out dated files.  I went out to get the small snow blowers ready and Bonnie when for a haircut.

I changed the oil in both units and checked them over.  Then added fuel and started them right up.

First the smaller Toro
The bed of the Ranger makes a good tool bench for some projects.

Draining the oil on the Cub Cadet
The units were pretty easy to start and its good to have them checked out and ready to go.

Shovel by the door
The last step was to put the shovel outside the basement door.  Guess the snow will be here before we know it, even though it was almost 60 today.  Bonnie did the wash and a little baking.  Now its time to relax.


Already 48 at 6am this morning.  We are up an heading out the door for the mission.  Today is the day we honor all Veterans.  Thank You to All Who Have Served Our Country in Uniform.

We had a good day in at the mission.  Busy day.  I worked on the statistics and Bonnie and her partners took around 600 reservations for Thanksgiving Meals.  Meals on Wheels does not deliver in the Buffalo Area on Thanksgiving Day.  So the Buffalo City Mission and hundreds of volunteers step up and deliver up to 8000 meals on Thanksgiving Morning.

Bonnie busy taking reservations
The phones turn on at 9:30 and they rang until 12:00 then again 1:00 until 3:00.  Non Stop calls.

Then we headed to Elizabeths for supper and our study in Genesis.  We have a DVD and study book we are using.  This could be the last warm day for a while, it was still 64 at 8pm.  The high tomorrow is to be in the the 30s and snow is forecast later in the week.


It was nice to have a couple nice days, but this morning it is 37.  I had breakfast and then headed out. Bonnie wants to vacuum and like me to vacate the premises.  So I grabbed the new registration for the Coach and went out to where it is stored.

A nice storage facility
I had a quick visit with Dennis and he helped me get into the coach and we plugged it in to keep the batteries charged.  Dennis has a snowmobile repair business and machine shop.  He manages the storage building that is owned by Doug another friend of ours.  Then I headed for Warsaw and Walmart.  I picked up oil and sta-bil for the tractor.  The NWS issued a lake effect snow advisory for up to 6 inches of snow tomorrow.  I also stopped at Tractor supply to pick up mouse bait and then on to ACE Hardware to say hello to Farris and Josh.  They are good salesmen, I left with a new snow shovel and ice melt.

Once home I worked on the finances and counted out my pills for the next few weeks.  Sounds exciting don't it.

Now we are heading into East Aurora to visit Bishop Francis and his wife, they are visiting from Africa.  Bonnie stayed with them when she was in Africa.

We had a good visit with Bishop and his wife Hannah.  No deer sightings either going or coming home.  Now for a good nights sleep.

Thanks For Checking In!

"The Business of Life is the acquisition of memories!"