Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Plenty of Snow back home, just rain here.


Raining here and snowing back home.  Joe and Molly went out to try to chase up some bird but no luck.  Molly got a little wet and did a pretty good job of drying off on me.  Soon everyone was up and we made plans to visit an old pottery factory today.  Moravian Pottery and Tile Works
I took us about an hour to get there in the rain and low speeds on the back roads.  It was not that far but it took a while.

The Tile Works
We signed up for a tour and only had to wait about 15 minutes.  I asked the receptionist to take a picture of us by the big fireplace.

By the fireplace
Then Bonnie and I took a selfie.

Photo Bombed by my sister
We watched a video and then took off on a self guided tour.

Top of the kiln, part of the chimney 

Inside the chimney, the shape helps with the draft

Old mold press

Mosaic tiles assembled

Bags of clay ready to be pressed
 This is a living museum so they make tiles here every day and we were able to watch some being made.

Pressing tiles

An attentive crowd

The bottom of the coal fired kiln

After the tour we headed out in the rain to find a place for lunch.  We took input from the receptionist at the museum and Yelp and decided on the Cross Keys Diner.  It turned out to be really good.

Strauss Melt, I brought half of it home
The others enjoyed theirs also and we brought some of Sharon's Melt home also.

Promoting RVillage in Pennsylvania
After we got back to the house we got a treat.  Jennifer, Dan and Maggie came over for supper.  So we got to see the birthday girl again and its her official birthday.

Happy Birthday
Tonights our last night here.  Its still snowing at home so we may have an adventure tomorrow.  But time will tell.


Happy Birthday to our friend Caroline.  Lots of sunshine here as we loaded up the car and headed north.  Lots of snow reports and school and road closings.  It looks like all lake effect so we should be good until we get close to home.  Bonnie is driving first this morning so I am connected and surfing the net.

Nice and clear when we left Spring City PA this morning
As we headed up the highway I used my NEST app to turn up the heat at home.

Should be warm when we get home
We had an uneventful drive home and stopped before we left PA to fuel up at 2.99 a gallon.  Then we stopped near Elmira for lunch at Wendy's.  The weather was still good as we passed Dansville.

Near Danville, NY
Once we got near Mt Morris we started to see some snow.  Then we headed West on Route 20A and around Perry Center the roads started to get some snow on them.

About 15 miles from home
By the time we got to Warsaw the roads were snow covered and slippery.  So we slowed down a lot and just took our time.  We started to slid one time for no reason and the traction control kicked in a few times climbing the hills.  Finally we arrived at our driveway.  I pulled off the road to check the mail.

Thats our driveway, less than a foot
The road was so slippery I could hardly stand up on it to check the mail and grab the papers.  We made it in the driveway and into the garage without a problem.

We dragged the whole way in to the garage
I shoveled a path into the house and we carried in our stuff.

Quick path from the garage.
Bonnie quickly found her spot.

Catching up
About 10 minutes after we got home we lost power.  The generator did start up and we ended up running on the generator for about 5 hours.  Thankfully the power came back on a little after 8 PM.

Back deck
We had about 14 inches of snow on the back deck and after dark I went out and cleared it off.  Very cold about 14 degrees and windy.  

Time for a good nights sleep now.


Nice and sunny this morning but 15 degrees out.

Pretty this morning
I headed out around 10am to clear the driveway.  The snow out there had settled quite a bit only 10 or so inches at the deepest.  But what a chore.  The ground is still warm and with the snow on top insulates it so it was quite wet.  As soon as it was exposed to the air it froze and packed up the blower.  What a mess, I spent most of my time digging and breaking the ice our of the blower.  I finally gave up blowing and just pushed the snow off the driveway as best I could.  Took me an hour to get out to the road.

Finally made it to the road

Switched to pushing instead of blowing the snow

One of the many stops to dig out the blower
After 2 1/2 hours I had enough and stopped.  I had to run down and get a can of diesel to have on hand for the tractor.  Yesterday there was some green fluid on the driveway so I moved the car out to check and see if we had a leak but it was dry underneath.  So not sure what it was from, guess someone was here that had a leak.  Finally I can go in and get warm.  Looks like UPS may not be delivering after they let me know I had a package on the truck for delivery.  Bonnie made me a sandwich and some hot chocolate for lunch.  She has been busy peeling apples and doing some wash.

Almost forgot its Wednesday.  Good thing I got a little nap.  The snow has started again.

Thanks For Checking In!

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