Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Monday near Knoxville


I came over here to Freightliner hoping to hear that my parts had come in early, but no luck yet today.  So I am hanging out here for a while to try to get my laundry done as there seem to be no laundromats near the motel.  Got a washer finally, now to snag a dryer.

I decided to visit Buddy Gregg RV.  They are a large Monaco/Holiday Rambler dealer.  What a zoo that was.  They are large and lots of coaches and people.  But they do not work on chassis and said Freightliner was the best place in the area to be at. I was disappointed in their store also.

I talked to the shop foreman and he was nice enough to let me plug in the MH to keep the batteries charged up.  Here is a picture sorry taken with my cell phone in dim light, of the rear wheel torn down to replace the leaking seal.

Guess I will head back toward the motel once I get the laundry done.

I finished the laundry and headed back for the motel room to keep cool. It was hot and humid today so I hid out in the room.  I did call to check on the part this evening but no part yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I did not even go out for dinner, but did head out after dark to TCBY for a little dessert.  I did look at campgrounds that are closer than I planned in case I can get a late start tomorrow or the next day.

Thats about it for today.

Thanks for checking in.