Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday-I saw the FedEx truck deliver the trailing arms!!!


Well I was up at my normal time I am running out of things to stay distracted and occupied.  Its been well over a week now and until the parts show up no end in sight.  The temperature is back in the mid 90s and humid.  I am waiting to call around 10:30 to see if my parts came in then hopefully get an estimate of when they will get installed.  Then I can decide if I need to pay for another night at the motel and see if I need to extend my car rental.  Thats pretty much how my day will go.

Well I was on the phone with Bonnie when FedEx delivered the trailing arms at about 3:30PM.  Since they work until midnight maybe they will install them tonight.  The service manager told me he was sure they would find the parts for the brakes and axle seal today also.  So I am praying that I will be able to head north tomorrow.  Right now I am planning to check out of the motel tomorrow morning, I think I can always come back.

I wanted to get a couple pictures to post today so I drove down to Teleco Dam.  I diverts the Little Tennessee River into Loudon lake to provide more water for power generation.  It is an earthen dam so not much to photograph.  I took a few shots at the Loudon Locks.  Looks like a pretty long barge would fit into the lock (360 X 80 feet) and can be lifted 80 feet.

80 foot lift in this lock

Up to a 360 foot long vessel

Nice spot for the fishermen

Nice view down river

Tried a self photo from the roof of the car

This was the good news of the day
Well I think I will walk over and pick up a little food chinese to go.

Hope to be posting from on the road tomorrow

Thanks for checking in.

Latest estimate is now Thursday afternoon.