Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freightliner of Knoxville


Well yesterday we got towed in to here and then the fun started.  They can not look at it right away and I know what part is broken and even called and got them the part number.  But I know they have to present the labor and parts estimate to the warranty company to get the approval to proceed.  In fairness there are a lot of trucks here waiting for service and that is their main business.  So I am sitting in the drivers lodge with good WiFi and using the free washers to do my laundry.  They have made contact with the warranty company so know what needs to be done.

Back to yesterday.  We got here and wrote up the problems.  Then I called Enterprise to come and pick me up.  I had used the national number to make a reservation.  There are multible offices here and they made my reservation at an office that can not come here to pick me up.  Long story short we took a 28 dollar cab ride to get the car.  They were nice and gave me an upgrade, also told me I could drop the car off where they would give me a ride back to the repair shop.

Then I took Bonnie to the airport to catch an 805P flight, she did not want me to wait.  So back to the motorhome and got some clothes and then called about a motel.  It took me many calls and google searches to find an affordable one with a refrigerator.  About then Elizabeth called and said Bonnie's flight had been cancelled and she needed picked up.  So I found a motel and headed the 20 some miles back to the airport.  Picked up Bonnie with her dead cellphone and back to the MH again to empty the refrigerator into the ice chests.  Now remember it is still 100 degrees out.

Then we headed to the motel.  It is modest but the AC worked well and Bonnie did a bed bug check that passed.  We turned down the temp in the refrigerator as it was warm and it cooled down.  I did go to the gas station and got a couple bags of ice for the night.  We slept well as were were both dead tired.

Then we headed to the airport again.  This time Bonnie's flight was on time and she should be in Charlotte as I write this.  I headed back to the MH got my dirty clothes and some other items I needed and then to the drivers lounge at the shop.  Its comfortable and the washer and dryers are free.  I am just finishing up the wash at about 3 so will pack up here and head to the motel.  Still no word on when the MH will be fixed.

Good news Bonnie landed in Buffalo and Elizabeth is there to pick her up and her dead cell phone had enough to allow her to call  Elizabeth!  Guess what when they got to the house they found her cousins there to visit and where do they live, you guessed it Tennessee, how about that.

I decided after oatmeal for breakfast and a ham sandwich for lunch with some cottage cheese I would have some BBQ.  So I went to a local favorite called Calhoun's
Its down on the Tennessee River behind a dam that forms a lake.  This was the view from the table.

People throw bread over the rail from the deck and the Carp and Ducks eat it

Thats all Carp in the center
Here are some shots from below the dam that produces electric as part of the TVA project.  Lots of fishing going on, brings back memories of Arkansas.
Not much water running so the boats are in close

Another view

Lots of transformers, I was surprised they let you get so close

Well its after 10 so I am going to turn in for the night.
Thanks for checking in.