Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday in Knoxville


My normal routine is to get up and make oatmeal here in the room.  I try to get on the internet but usually can not.  So I get a shower, get dressed and head to the lobby with my computer.  I get coffee there and can access the WiFi.  So far I have not eaten a single donut.  I post the blog and then read my email and do any research I need to do.

So after doing all that this morning I called the warranty people to see what the status was.  They told me they were waiting to hear back from Freightliner since the last time they talked Freightliner had said they could not order the part.  Now Freightliner told me they were waiting to hear back from Interstate the warranty people.  So I got in the car and headed to Freightliner.  Turns out that they did order the parts, last night they think.  So they called Interstate and we have an approval number to get the parts and do the work.  There are still a few things to work thru but hopefully the part will be here in a day or two.  So its been a good day overall and we seem to be making progress.

I did a little shopping and bought some sliced turkey for lunch sandwiches and some bananas  Then went back to the room and made lunch.  After lunch I went to do a little sight seeing and ended up touring a farm.  I live were I am surrounded by farms but I like to look at them and see how they function.  Here are a few pictures.
The owners home
Our tour group with booties on

They have their own milk tanker.  The ship 80% and use 20% in their cheese factory
Brand new calf, the kids like this

Iliked that all the tractors were Green Machines

I enjoyed the visit
They also have a cheese shop and plenty of free samples.  I also got to chat with the farmers daughter while I waited for the tour.  She is one of 5 kids and thinks one of her younger brothers will take over the farm some day.  She would be interested in running the cheese store.  They make about 2700 pounds of cheese on Wednesdays.

After that I headed back to the MH to see if I had remembered to shut off the generator, I had, its tough to get old.  I also needed to pick up the charger for the cameras.  The a brief rest in the room.  I could not stand my shaggy hair anymore so I went and got a haircut.  While I was there we got a thunderstorm and it was still raining a little when I left there.  I went to Bojangles to eat dinner, but the storm had knocked out their registers.  So I went back to the motel and walked over to the Panda Buffet.  I tried to eat the healthy stuff but still ate way to much.  So I had a decent day.  I am in a holding pattern until the parts come in.  Time for a little TV and reading.

Update from Bonnie
Everything at the house is ok.  The grass is long and she still needs to catch up on her sleep.  I told her to let the grass go and rest up.  She went grocery shopping last night and managed to get out of work in time to pick up all the mail today, so things should be getting back to normal.

Thanks for checking in.