Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday--The Plot Thickens


Freightliner called this morning and now the warranty company is sending an inspector to document all the broken and leaking parts.  I called the warranty people to see whats going on and the ETA for the inspector is next Tuesday.  Hopefully I can stay in Huntsville until its all taken care of.

Its hot here so we stayed in the house and soaked up the AC today.  Nothing to do now but wait on the warranty company to settle up.  It appears the MH is repaired but FL did not get all of the pre-authorizations that I reminded them several times that they needed.  So lets see what happens.

I am getting back to normal here as its great to be in a house with people you love.  I am enjoying watching Reagan develop and amuse herself.  Robby has pretty fast internet and I took the time to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Lion the new operating system.  It installed easily and I have not had a single glitch with it all day.  It was an easy upgrade.  Now to learn all the nuances of it.

We ventured out into the heat to go to Harbor Freight to look for a big 12 point socket, a Super Target with a grocery store in it to pick up some food, and then Little Caesar's drive thru to pick up pizza for dinner.  Reagan liked the pizza she ate a whole slice herself.

Shopping at Target for some fruits and vegetables
She really likes the rocking horse
Thats about it for today just to hot to do much.

Thanks for checking in.