Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enroute to Buffalo


Yesterday I left Huntsville at about 7am and after changing time zones arrived in Knoxville at noon.  I had been told the bill would be prepared and submitted first thing in the morning.  When I checked the bill could not be found and had not been submitted.  They worked on it right away and faxed it in.  Interstate rejected it be cause it did not guarantee 90 days parts and labor.  This was a new requirement to me.  So after about 3 hours of back and forth between Freightliner and Interstate, FL finally submitted a bill that said 90 days.  Now we had to wait to see what they would agree to pay.  I said I had to leave and I paid with my credit card.  Once it all gets sorted out they will credit my card.

So finally at approximately 4:30pm I got on the road.  I fueled up at Flying J and jumped on I-75 hammer down.  By 7:30 I was 150 miles up the road and out of Tennessee and into Kentucky near a city called Berea.  I pulled into the OH-KY Campground for the night.  They told me when I got there the water had to be turned off as a camper pulled a faucet out of the ground.  No problem I had plenty of water on board.
Here was my site.
The tree was nice shade last night.  My neighbors were already gone when I looked outside.
It was hot and humid but the AC in the MH worked great and it kept me nice and cool.  My mirrors were all out of wack from being folded in when it was towed.  I adjusted them some but did not finish before dark, so finished it up in the morning.

I took it easy this morning and did not pull out until 10:30am.  I took my time and stopped for a stretch about 4 times and about 45 minutes for lunch in a rest area.  Wow the traffic was heavy heavy and most of it was trucks.  I try to drive about 62 even though the speed limit down here is 70.  I drove around Lexington, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and right through Columbus, OH.  Finally arriving in Seville, OH about 40 miles south of Cleveland at 5:30pm.  I am set up at the Maplelakes Recreation Park and it is much cooler here but still hot enough for the A/C.
My site is full hook up and nice and level

A shot of the neighbors, its nice and quiet here.
So my GPS shows 251 miles to home, so if all goes well I will head past Cleveland after the rush hour in the morning and be home in the afternoon.

I am thankful for all that have written to let me know they are praying for a safe trip, all is going well.  The coach is driving better than ever, makes me wonder if there was a problem for quite a while.

Thats about it for tonight.

Thanks for checking in.