Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday-What news will today bring?


Up this morning and after breakfast Robby is cleaning up the house getting ready for the rest of the family to return home.  I think we are also going to make a trip to Home depot.

I am hoping that the inspector will show up at Freightliner today and I can get headed home tomorrow.  I feel like I need to head home no later than Wednesday, I need RX medicine and I need to take care of my obligations at court.

I called Freightliner around 2:30 and she told me that the inspector had been there and that she, the service writer would be putting the paperwork together as soon as she could.  I waited about an hour and called the Service Manger and told him I really needed to get headed home tomorrow.  He said he would get involved and would call me back before he left for the day.  He called back in less than an hour and said they would get the bill to the warranty company in the morning and they would get me out of there tomorrow.  Great news.  I plan to leave Huntsville in the morning and hope to be headed home early in the afternoon.

Robby decided to go out and work on his car before everyone got home, hoping to get the spark plugs changed and the fan belt tightened before the family all got home from the beach.
Changing the spark plugs

Trying to get to the belt
Well the family got home before we finished.  Boy was it hot out.

Well the car got unloaded and Robby wrapped up his work on the car.

We ordered pizza to be delivered and then I will call it a night.

Thanks for checking in