Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starting to make plans to head home maybe by Wednesday


I was up way late last night so slept in a little this morning.  I am starting to plan my trip home.  No word yet on if the parts are here or when they will get installed but since I am traveling without my Co-pilot I need to write down all the routes and info.  I use the GPS but sometimes it does not go the way I want it to go so I have to keep a check on it.  If you take the MH down the wrong road it is sometimes hard to turn around.  So having coffee now and then I will head over to get an update if they have one and then find something to visit for the day.  We had heavy rain this morning but its just cloudy now.
I went to check on the coach today and it was not in its spot.  Good news is that it is in the shop up on stands.  Bad news is that the parts have not made it from Elkhart, In. yet.  The service manager Stacy came and talked to me.  Said he had just checked on the part and while they ordered it 2 days ago, it shipped yesterday and it may not be delivered until Tuesday.  But I know since the MH is sitting in a bay they will be anxious to get it fixed and moved out of there, they can not move it now.  They did tell me the warranty company does not want to pay for installing the second one as we do not know if it is broke.  When they take it out I bet it will be cracked.  They are also working on a leaking rear seal with the company.  So nothing to do now but wait.

I took a short trip to Oakridge and visited their visitors center the Museum of Science and Energy.  They had lots of good displays and a demonstration on static electricity.  I did not realize that the whole city was a secret when it was first started.  Here are a few pictures from the day.
Reception Deck
Original Display
This was a demo that explained splitting atoms
This look familiar

They called these flat tops and built hundereds of them for workers at $3500
The living room and radio

Thats about it from here, hit some hard rain on the way back.
Almost stopped traffic
A good friend from our church went over to the house and cut our grass tonight, thanks Tony!

Thats about it for today, still raining here.

Thanks for checking in