Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hanging out in LaFollette, TN


We had a pretty good night to sleep.  It cooled off some still a bit humid.  Traffic noise died down after midnight except for the occasional train with super loud horn that they blow all the way through town.  Its now 88 out and after lunch we will walk over to the movies and cool down there during the heat of the afternoon.
Only two choices for the movie Cars2 or Transformers, we saw Cars2.  I enjoyed it and even stayed awake the whole time.  The MH was 101 when we got back, not bad as it is 95 outside and we are parked on blacktop.  We will go out and eat tonight I think and then the sun will be down behind the hill at 8 and then it starts to cool down some.  No pictures today as the internet connection on my phone is very slow.  Hopefully we will be in Knoxville tomorrow and know more.


A very hot night.  We closed up the MH ran the AC for about an hour and then tried to sleep as best we could.  I moved the MH out of the Eye Clinic's lot since it is small and they open this morning.  So we are behind the bank now next to a tree that will shade us some in the late afternoon if we are still here.  It is to be 95 today so I hope they can get us soon.  I plan to call soon if I do not hear from them. I gave them a call and the girl was on the phone working on our transports.
Right at noon the tow truck showed up they decided we would be to tall on a lowboy, wish they had done that on Saturday.  The truck came rom Chattanooga over 3 hours away.  The driver went right to work.
The stinger goes under the front axle and livts the front wheels
First he put it on the blocks and then he could lift it
Hooked up and just about ready to go, he moved the truck forward a little
Bonnie took it all in stride
There was only room in the truck for one passenger so I had to walk or ride in the MH.  He said there was no law against it.
My view going down the hiway
And then we finally arrived.
A welcome sight

We were quite a long rig all hooked together.

There is a lot more to Mondays story but I will save that for Tuesdays Post.
Thanks for checking in.