Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crossville, TN Part II and visit with family


We were able to visit 4 properties this morning and then around 1pm we headed to Manchester, TN to meet our Son and his family, we really were wanting to see them and visit with them.  So we each drove about the same distance and met at a state park.  Here are a few of the pictures.
Bonnie went straight for Reagan
Gracie, Bonnie, Reagan, and me

We took a walk on the loop trail with the kids and visited
The wind broke off this huge tree recently
Reagan Happy to be on the loose
Then we found a nice simple German restaraunt and ordered a sampler plate of food that more than filled us up and it was really good.  We both headed for our houses then and made it home just about dark.  A long good day.  Some of our neighbors were out and so we visited with them and their dogs for a few minutes and then in for the night.  Now its time for some sleep.


Not much to say about today, this was our last day here and we looked at a few more houses and then talked a little bit about the area and the process of buying a house here.  We found some really nice houses but I would say not the perfect house.
I started to get the MH ready for the trip north tomorrow.  Tanks are dumped and unhooked.  We will not hurry in the morning but we hope to be on the road before 9.


Well I picked up a tick in our travels,  Bonnie did a good job of removing it this morning.  So it looks like it is time to pull out and head north.
We pulled out at 8:50 central time.  We headed East on I-40 and then north up TN62 to miss going to Knoxville.  Then jumped on I75.  Then we ran into a traffic backup that turned out to be a blessing.  We got off the interstate and let the GPS route a detour for us.  Well lots of cars were doing that and at the next exit the Interstate was closed.  The MH started to drive different and we thought it was the road.  I did pull into a church lot and looked things over but everything looked ok.  We got back onto the road and made it to LaFollette, TN.  Bonnie wanted some Mexican for lunch so we pulled in and parked out of the way at the Eye Center to the rear of the restaurant.  Now it looks like we will be sitting here until Monday.  Our roadside service can not find a lowboy that is able to tow us.  They exist but everything seems to be closed until Monday, so here we sit.  So far we have run the generator and are keeping cool, not sure about tonight.  The roadside assistance called the police and let them know we would be staying here and I checked also and it seems to be ok and safe.  So we will have a good story to tell when we get home.  At least there is a shopping center here and we have food and water.  It just will be hot tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures of where we are and our problem.
This is the good side nice and centered
The bad side is shifted to the rear
I took some pictures of the trailing arms and it shows the crack, you might have to zoom in to see it, its about 1/2 inch.
Its just left and below of center
Stuck here until Monday
Small shopping Center
So thats about it for today it is hot and we can not run the generator all the time so hope it cools off when the sun goes down.

Thanks for checking in.