Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday in Knoxville


Well I had a pretty good nights sleep.  The room is next to the laundry and the first night an exhaust fan ran all night long.  Last night the front desk guy turned it off for me, much quieter.  The WiFi quit working in the room and I have to go to the small front office to use it, but I do get to meet people that way.  There is a pool here and most of the folks are in late and gone early.  The rest are working on construction projects.  The medical center, Walmart, and Home Depot are just up the road from me.  Lots of places to eat or buy groceries.  I try to eat only one meal a day out and sometimes not even that since I have a M/W.
I am at Freightliner again as I write this.  The drivers lounge is full and since there is a separate lounge for RVers I am in here alone today.  The big hold up is getting the MH into the shop and getting an estimate to the warranty company.  I think I have an appointment for tomorrow and someone told me the service manager is back from training tomorrow and that should help move things along.  this is a busy, busy place.  I am here today trying to find my UPS package that was delivered at 10:00pm but they have not located it yet.  Finally found my Prescription package in parts.
Here is where the MH sits

Trucks awaiting service

More trucks

Another RV waiting service

My lonely RV

Part of the aging process

Its another hot day here but not as bad as yesterday.

Here are a few pictures of the motel

Even have a pool
I hung around the motel most of the afternoon and went down and wondered around Home Depot for awhile.  No purchases.
I heard from Freightliner and they said they looked at the MH today and are waiting for approval from the warranty company.  Hopefully they can order the part tomorrow, two days to get that here and then a day to put it in.  I will drive over tomorrow and see whats up.
I got some maps and info of what to do in the area since it looks like I will be here over the weekend.
Thats about it for tonight.  Thanks for checking in.