Monday, July 4, 2011

Crossville, TN

Monday July 4th

We are currently in Bluff City, TN but will be leaving around noon for Crossville, TN.  This is where we stayed Sunday night.
Our site close but level, clean, and friendly folks
The showers and office building

On the way out this morning
We finished up the laundry this morning and went to the office to register and pay, we even got late check out which was normally 11am.  We actually pulled out just before noon.  We had a nice trip until we left Knoxville.  Big really big gust of wind I thought it was going to blow me off the road.  We could see the rain coming from straight ahead.  Boy did it rain for about 15 or 20 miles.  The speed limit is 70 here and all the traffic was going about 25.  The nice thing about heading west is you are driving into the storm not with it so it ended as quick as it started.  We pulled in to Homeless Hill at the Gardens RV Community around 2:15 Crossville time.  Its a little humid today but not too bad.  I started hooking up and called the realtor here in the Gardens.  He said come down to the the office in a while and we can register.  We went dow and talked to him and he gave us the tour today which gives us two free nights here.  We toured the community and saw his house and the one next door that is for sale.  I have liked what I saw but Bonnie is not sold on the concept of the community.  I also am not sure about the value of what you get here.  This project started as modular houses with a RV garage attached to them.  It is now luxury houses with an RV garage attached to them.  Tomorrow we will see some of the area and we get our rental car in the afternoon.  Thats about it from here for today.

I was up by 6am this morning but we are an hour early here.  After breakfast we met Joyce our realtor that is going to show us around the area.  We were able to look at four houses in the Lake Tansi area  today but I am pretty sure none of them are keepers.  We had a nice lunch at the golf clubhouse of the one area called Lake Tanzi.  Then around two oclock we picked up our rental car and made a stop at WalMart on our way back to the  MH.  I am ready for a quick map.  Then we have the packet of 14 or so homes that we are to tour tomorrow.  Here is where we are staying.

Homeless Hill

Our setup and Rental
I laid down for a quick nap and heard it start to rain.  I figured I better see if a storm was coming.  By the time I got to the front of the coach I saw the wind catch the awning and take it skyward.  Luckily it did not bend and Bonnie and I went out in the now pouring rain and got it rolled up and stowed.  As quick as storms come in I guess we should do that when we leave for a few hours.
We worked on the printouts for the houses we are going to see tomorrow and then went out for dinner.  I checked the reviews and we ended up at China One.  It was so so not a lot of real good flavor.  Then we took a ride to the county line going north on route 127.  It was dark by the time we got back to the MH and now are heading to bed as we will start looking at homes at 9am mostly in the Fair Field Glades area.
Picked up my Tennessee Volunteer hat today.

We were up this morning and at the realtors office by 9am.  We spent the day looking at about a dozen different properties in Fairfield Glade.  Of that there was one that interested us, but we also found out that we do not care that much about finding a house in that community.  The lakes are small and the prices on the water are really high for what you get.  We looked at one property out in the county and found that you get a lot more value there.
I guess the highlight of the day was lunch at a place called Lefties, BBQ.  It was really good and its a place we will go back to.  The afternoon brought a few thunderstorms and as I right this another just went past the MH.
So tomorrow we are looking at properties out in the county in the morning.  Then we are heading for Manchester, TN and meeting my son and his family to spend the afternoon together, they live in Huntsville and this is about halfway between us.
Looking at houses is hard work and I am ready to get some rest so I will post this and relax a little before bed.
The dock at the house we liked

The view out toward the main lake

View toward the end of the inlet

Thanks for checking in.