Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Smoky Mountains National Park


A little excitement at the motel this morning enough to bring 3 squad cars with sirens to the front of the motel.  A girl and a guys hopped up on pills he locked her out of the room and they started yelling at each other.  I heard the yelling and the police were still in the lobby at 8:30 when I went up for coffee.

I headed out to go over to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I made a quick stop at the MH in the shop to grab pants and shoes for church tomorrow.  More good news the rear wheel is off so they could order the seal they need to fix the leak.

It was a nice drive over to the park.  I made a stop in Townsend at the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum.  It was small but interesting.
Info about the site
Water Tower

The old engine

Real Old Engine
Pre computer typewriter
Then I stopped at the Heritage Center but did not go in as it charged admission and did not look like it had much.
Here is a view from outside the fence
Then it was on to the park.

The scenery was beautiful and worth the trip
But the traffic was terrible
The traffic was so heavy you could not get back in line if you pulled in to a pull off to take a picture.  I did stop at the area where the old grist mill was running here are some shots from that area.
And I did see one

Took this through a crack in the planks

Corn Hopper

The corn feeds in here
The old horse stable

The blacksmith shop

He did a nice demo for a group of boys
There was even a sign that says I was here 
I headed over here tubing is big here
They also have BBQ and I had the BBQ chicken salad it was really good.  Headed back to the motel after that and will take it easy the rest of the evening.  Read and catch a little TV

Thanks for checking in.