Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday in Lenoir City, TN


Got up this morning and had my breakfast.  Then got dressed and headed to the First Baptist Church of Lenoir City.  I went to the 10:45 service they had one at 8am also.  It was a really good service and I really enjoyed it.  Then I did a little food shopping at Walmart and came back to the room and made a sandwich.
Then some cottage cheese and some very good cherries that Bonnie had bought before she left.
I plan to take it easy today and watch the race and soccer final game from the World Cup.  Hope to get a bit of a nap in there also.
Got my nap and decided I needed to get out for a bit and then get some dinner.  There are a lot of rivers and dams around here so I headed up to take a look at the Melton Hill Dam.
This is a view from the overlook of the dam
Besides the dam which is run by the TVA there are lots of recreation opportunities.  Access for fishermen below and above the dam.  Also boat launches, picnic tables and pavilions.  They also have a campground with hook ups for 20 bucks a night.

This is the pool above the dam

The bottom pool and the power house
These solar panels provide power for......
This recharge station for electric cars
So after the drive I stopped at Cinco Amigos for dinner.  It had good reviews and the food was good.  I hoped to have left overs for tomorrow but I guess I was to hungry.  I had chicken enchiladas and chile relleno.
It was a big chile and very good.
Thats about it for Sunday wow its already 10pm, tomorrow I will check on the part and maybe do some laundry.

Thanks for checking in.