Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday a day for sightseeing, but reassembly is taking place


I was in hopes of being on the road today heading but it was not to be.  I called about 9am and they said they had parts if they were all correct they estimated Thursday afternoon for completion.  I could not stand sitting around the motel another whole day so I took off for the Nantahala Gorge.

Back in the mid 80's when we lived in Arkansas we had come over here as a church group of men and rafted this river and the Chattooga.   So I headed for Pigeon Forge.
Busy Pigeon Forge

I have to cross these Mountains
One thru Pigeon Forge I took the Gatlinburg bypass and climbed up into Great Smokey Mountains National Park again.  I stopped at one of the visitors centers and got some stamps for my passport book.
got my stamps here
I stopped at an old Grist Mill but it was not operating, just another photo op.
Mingus Mill
This brings the water to the mill
Scenic creek below the mill
Then it was on to the Nantahala Outdoor Center near Bryson City, NC, yes I started in TN but its just over the border.
This is the public take out sign the commercial take outs are huge this spot is tiny.
These buses take you up river loaded with people and rafts on top.
Here are a bunch of pictures of people and family,s having fun at near the end of their run on the river.

After a good burger for lunch along the side of the river I headed for home and inadvertently ended up on highway 129 on a section that is called the Tail of the Dragon.  Motorcycles and sport cars come from all over the country to run this road.  The speed limit is set at 30mph and that is too fast for some of the turns.  Over 300 curves in 11 miles.  Check out the link.  I always wanted to bring the Mini we had over here.  I did get a nice view of one of the lakes near the end of the run.
One of many lakes and dams that produce electric power
Once I got back I went to FL to check on the coach and found that the trailing arms were installed and the axle and brakes are partially complete.  So once again I am hoping tomorrow is the day I can head home.
Cell phone picture, the black part is the new trailing arm.
It was 90 this morning in Pigeon Forge, 75 on top of the mountain as I crossed over.  Then 97 when I got back to Lenoir City where the motel is.  Still 89 at 10pm.

Thats about it for today.

Thanks for checking in